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Using HFN Internet

Web Browsing

The first thing you will probably do with HFN Quantum Gig speed internet plan is browse the World Wide Web. Your device's operating system likely came with browsing software like Microsoft Edge (Windows), Apple Safari (Mac and iPhone) or Google Chrome (Chrome Book and Android).

With your web browser you can visit websites, view videos, browse social media and download files. While browsers all do the same things, each brand has its own characteristics and features. It can be fun to experiment with different browsers to discover which one you like best.

Here are links to download the most popular internet browsers:

Apple Safari
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox


HFN VoiceHFN offers low cost Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone. It operates similarly to copper wire telephone. In fact, most users never notice the difference. No computer is necessary. Internet telephone uses a regular dial-tone that works with any phone and can call to any phone anywhere in the world. Features include local and long distance calling to the throughout U.S. and Canada, voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID and call waiting.

HFN Voice

HFN offers plans up to $24.99 per month. Easy to use, month-to-month contracts plus the latest telephone features. See Telephone Plans

Using Your Mobile Phone with HFN

Most mobile telephones can connect to wireless internet or Wi-Fi routers. This eliminates the need to use cellular data while you are home.

For iPhone: go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. May require restart. May have to setup your 911 address. Supports calling non-phone devices such as iPad, etc.

Home Automation and Smart Devices

Home AssistantsSmart devices are fairly new and rapidly evolving. From digital assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, to appliances like refrigerators and ovens, and heating and lighting systems, more and more devices now connect to the internet.

Most home automation and smart devices connect wirelessly. You will need a wireless network or Wi-Fi router. Follow the device manufacturer's instructions on connecting your smart device.

Streaming Television, Movies and Video

You may have heard about cord cutting, canceling your TV subscription service and replacing it with Internet websites, channels and devices. Without additional hardware, you can use your computer as a streaming device. Content is viewed on your PC display or on a TV by connecting your PC and TV together.

You can also use smart TVs and streaming boxes or sticks. Popular devices include:

Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Apple TV
Google Chromecast
Google Chromecast

If you wish to replicate your traditional TV experience, expect to subscribe to a pay service that costs about the same as the cable company. However, there are a number of services with large TV and movie libraries, for example Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix. By subscribing to a few services, you can have endless entertainment hours and possibilities. With an HD antenna you can add free local TV, news and broadcast network shows.

This article will help you get started and point you to resources where you will find more information.

Unfortunately, HFN cannot help you learn how to use these devices and services because there are just too many. HFN works to ensure you have the fastest and unconstrained connection to these services, unlike many other providers that limit your throughput to these services. Most people learn from friends, by Googling about them, and from experimenting on their own. There are many web resources to help you understand the streaming process.

Streaming Music

Streaming from the internet is now the most popular way to access and listen to music. Computers, tablets, smart phones, smart devices and TV streaming boxes all feature popular music listening services like Spotify.

To compare streaming music options, Consumer Reports created a chart where you can learn and compare.

Amazon Prime Music Spotify Pandora Slacker Radio Tidal iHeartRadio SiriusXM SoundHound

Play Online Video Games

Video game consoles come in a wide variety of styles and abilities. Top models, in addition to offering games, are entire entertainment systems with TV, movies and music.

Nintendo Microsoft Xbox Sony Playstation

Online File and Data Storage

Online file storage makes it easy to store and share with anyone anywhere. You can send images to family or collaborate with friends. Most services offer a free storage tier. Google's Drive comes with Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms; a complete suite of free office tools.

Dropbox Google Drive Microsoft OneDrive

Online Backups

Data loss can occur because of accidental deletion, hard drive failure or attacks like ransomware. Protect your data with regularly scheduled backups. There are many ways to save and back-up files. Many people purchase an external hard drive and use the backup program that comes with their computer. An increasingly popular method is to subscribe to an online vendor or cloud service. You will discover a wide range of features and pricing.

Here are some popular vendors: