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Maximizing Your 100 Mbps Connection

HFN Quantum lets all residents take full advantage of their community fiber network, allowing the network to deliver the speeds it was designed to supply. In some cases your desktop, laptop, home network, or favorite websites on the Internet, may have limits that inhibit your top speeds. You can verify whether your connection is running at its full speed by going to http://hfnet.us/speedtest in a web browser, and running the speed test.

Here are some typical speed test results for different speed plans:

Average Speed Test Results

If your speed test results show lower than the expected network speed, we have a checklist for troubleshooting potential problems (in order of most likely fault):

  1. Check the computer (Resident)
  2. Check the home network (Resident)
  3. Check the home router (Resident)
  4. Check HFN network equipment (HFN)
  5. Check HFN fiber (HFN)
  6. Check HFN router (HFN)

The most common causes for speed issues on high-speed networks are #1, #2, and #3. Home networks are often wireless, and home Wi-Fi routers are vulnerable to lots of radio noise that interferes with the speed of data transmission. Home routers are also a common problem, since most of them are not designed for more than 10 megabits of traffic. HFN technical support will work with you to try to isolate which of these problems may be affecting your Internet speeds.

To make sure you are getting the Quantum 100 speeds plug a computer directly into the HFN ethernet portal in your home networking closet and do a speed test. This should help identify if something in your own home network is inhibiting your speeds. If it is determined that your router may not be optimized to take full advantage of Quantum speeds, here is a link to a review of high-speed Internet routers for home and home office use http://hfnet.us/fastrouters. One of these routers may work better for your network.

HFN technical support is happy to work with you to try to isolate which of these problems may be affecting your Internet speeds. HFN can also arrange for a visit to your home to review your equipment and recommend network hardware to allow you to maximize your use and enjoyment of the Highlands Fiber network. Contact HFN support anytime and we can help to troubleshoot where these limits are and recommend ways to gain the full potential of Quantum.