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The HFN Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call customer service at (425) 427-0999, or email customer service at support@hfnservices.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

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Symmetrical Speeds & Gigabit Connections for just $70!

HFN's Gigabit Internet options are such an amazing deal—other Internet providers don't even come close. Our new Gigabit plans have download AND upload Internet connection of 1,000 Mbps for only $70 a Month! One of the lowest prices in the nation for Gigabit class Internet service.

Over the past year, GigabitNow, formerly known as ISOMEDIA, has been working with the Highlands Council on a review of the current usage of the Highlands Fiber Network, as well as, anticipated future demands of the network as Internet usage continues to increase. As a result, HFN is pleased to announce an increase in available speeds, including lowering the price for Gigabit connections. With this change HFN continues to be a leading fiber to the home community providing a faster, better service at an unbelievably low price to the community.

The Internet has gradually become a large part of all of our daily lives, and the needs of our connected devices are demanding more responsive connections and more modern Internet network hardware. As a result, electronics that serve the Internet across the community require replacement and connections to the Internet upgraded. These changes are necessary to meet the growing requirements of the community's network. Both GigabitNow and Highlands Council unanimously support this plan and are working together on the plans for future electronics and fiber upgrades.

New HFN Internet Pricing

How do I get signed up for Quantum Gig at $70?

Gigabit connection availability will be completed in phases across the community. Some portions of the current network infrastructure allow for Gigabit speeds while others do not. Approximately one third of the community is currently eligible for a Gigabit connection. Quantum Gig requests will be reviewed by engineers and require an inspection of the fiber into your home and new portal equipment. These upgrades will also require work to be completed in the data center as these connections will also be on new electronics allowing for the best connection possible.

You can submit a request for a Gigabit upgrade by clicking here. Technicians are now working with residents who have submitted their home to be upgraded on a first come first served basis. HFN will be upgrading infrastructure and fiber in neighborhoods with the highest interest in Gigabit first. The more of your neighbors that join you in a request for Gigabit service, the sooner your upgrade will happen. There are currently over hundred requests and more everyday. The sooner you and your neighbors submit your request the sooner you may see Quantum Gig in your neighborhood.

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What are the Gigabit Setup Costs?

HFN Gigabit connections are extremely fast and are an unbeatable value for the Issaquah Highlands community. However, some one-time setup charges are required to complete the upgrades. These charges vary depending on if your home is part of the covenant and if you rent your home or own it. A residence that is part of the Covenant for Community will incur just a $250 one-time setup charge. A residence that is not part of the Covenant for Community but is eligible to join may join the covenant to become eligible for Gigabit service. Once part of the covenant then the residence will incur the same $250 setup charge. Apartments, some condominiums, and certain other rented properties that are not eligible to join the covenant will incur a $500 one-time setup charge. There is a possibility that additional charges may apply depending on the upgrades necessary to the infrastructure to your residence which will be determined by the initial site review. All Quantum Gig subscriptions require a 2-year commitment.

The Highland Fiber Network continues to be the best value for Internet anywhere in Washington State. Our community's network boasts internet speeds that others in the region can only wish for, at an amazing price. If you have any questions or concerns contact HFN technical support at (425) 427-0999, or via our live chat.

We are very excited to be bringing faster speeds to the community at a considerably lower price than any of the competition including Comcast and CenturyLink. Remember HFN has the only true fiber to the home service with no boosting, no throttling, and no bandwidth caps—just super fast Internet! We look forward to continuing to supply the Issaquah Highlands community with service that is unparalleled for its speed, reliability, and price.

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