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The HFN Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call customer service at (425) 427-0999, or email customer service at support@hfnservices.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

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Getting Set-up

As a Highlands Fiber Network customer you have access to a variety of internet services and account features. To better serve you, this page contains instruction on how to access and setup these account options. If you have any questions or are having difficulty please email, or call (425) 427-0999, and a customer support representative will be happy to assist you.

Network Connection

To setup your network connection plug your laptop or desktop computer into one the Ethernet jacks in your home. Once connected you will be directed to setup an account and select your preferred connection speed plan. Once you have selected your preferred connection plan and submitted payment information you will automatically be configured and able to connect to the internet within minutes.

Email Setup

The Highlands Fiber Network supports both IMAP4 and POP3 email access and requires SMTP Authentication. To setup your email client please reference the information below.

Email address: YourEmailName@ihmail.com
Password: The password you selected when you setup your account.
POP3 Server: mail.ihmail.com

SMTP Configuration

The HFN Network requires customers to send email through the primary HFN mail server, or to use VPN technologies to send through a work server. In addition to setting your SMTP Server to mail.ihmail.com, you also have to setup SMTP Authentication. If you need assistance setting SMTP authentication please review our simple guide.


You can check your email remotely at anytime using this website to access your email accounts. Just click here, or on the link labeled "IHmail" at the bottom of HFN website, and enter the username and password for the email account you wish to check. If you have received but not deleted emails from the web interface your email client software will still receive them when you access your account from home.

Personal Website

As a Highlands Fiber Network customer you have access to a personal website for you to use for family pictures, personal information, or anything you wish to create and post on the internet. Your personal website is available to you at no extra cost and can be accessed using the below information.

Your personal website is available at http://ihhome.com/users/<YourAccountUsername> "YourAccountUsername" and password are the HFN account username and password you set when you signed up for service or was sent to you in email. To upload information, access your web directory by FTP using the following settings:

FTP Hostname: ftp.ihhome.com
FTP User: <YourAccountUsername>@ihhome.com
FTP Pass: password

You should upload your pages and images to the public_html directory. Once you have accessed your account feel free to setup your site as you wish and pass along the URL to friends and family.

Dial-Up Account

With your Highlands Fiber Network account you have access to ISOMEDIA's nationwide internet Dial-Up network. Dial-Up access is provided for use while traveling or while away from your HFN broadband connection. At anytime you can use the hundreds of dial-up phone numbers to get online fast from all over the United States.

Use of the dialup network is subject to fees of $.50 per hour in addition to your monthly broadband charges. To setup your Dial-Up connection please follow the connection detail information below:

Username: YourAccountUserName@isomedia.com (Example: bobsmith@isomedia.com)
Password: Your account Password
Mail Server: mail.ihmail.com
Dial-Up Number: Find a Dial-Up number in your area.

If you have not setup your account username or are having difficulty, email, or call (425) 427-0999, and a customer support representative will be happy to assist you. A complete list of available phone numbers is available here.