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HFNVoice Features

HFNVoice comes with many standard features listed below. These features are available as part of your monthly subscription price unless otherwise stated. Some features may not work on all phones, please check your device’s manual for more information on features it supports. Some features are activated using “feature codes” entered into your phone handset, or by using the online HFNVoice portal site. Specific codes and "how-to" information is included for your reference below. For more information on a feature, or if you are having trouble, please contact customer services at voicesupport@hfnservices.com.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Lets you refuse all calls from callers who have their caller ID blocked.

How to Use Login to the HFNVoice online control panel. Select "Preferences" then Select "Anonymous Call Rejection". You can enable or disable from there. Changes take effect immediately.


Enhanced Caller ID

HFNVoice's enhanced caller ID features allow you to know exactly who is calling in any way you choose. Included features also allow you to control how others see you when you are making a call.

Caller ID with Name

Caller ID with name will allow you to receive the number and name of the person calling you. Plus Caller ID with Name works with HFNVoice Call Waiting. If you receive a call when you are already on the phone, you can see who it is before you decide to end your call and take a new one.


Enhanced Call Forwarding

With HFNVoice Enhanced Call Forwarding you can do so much more than just forwarding calls to your number to a friend’s house or mobile phone. HFN has included many more options to make your life easier without missing that important call. In addition to the options below there are even more configurable options accessible via your online control panel like Smart forwarding which allows you to forward all of your calls to a series of numbers.

How to Use Enhanced Call Forwarding features use the online control panel Phone Book Groups. You can create contacts and contact groups and then selectively assign any type of call routing and forwarding to any contact groups you have defined. You can define Call Handling Rules, then assign Call Treatments to those rules.

Basic Call Forwarding

Forward all calls to a specific number.

How to Use Dial *72+number to forward calls to. Dial *73 to deactivate. You can also set this option from the online control panel. Login and select "Preferences" then select "Call Forwarding". Enable / Disable the feature here, as well as set the number you want to forward to. The system stores the last number you forward to, if you dial just *72 to activate call forwarding, it will forward to this number.

Call Forward to VoiceMail (Do Not Disturb)

Lets you forward all calls to voicemail.

How to Use This feature is configured using the "Enhanced Call Forwarding" options in the HFNVoice online control panel using "Call Handling Rules" and "Call Treatments".

Call Forward No Answer

Lets you forward all calls to a different number when you are unavailable to answer your phone.

How to Use This feature is configured using the "Enhanced Call Forwarding" options in the HFNVoice online control panel using "Call Handling Rules" and "Call Treatments".


Ring Timer

Allows you to select how long your phone rings before going to voicemail.

How to Use From the HFNVoice online control panel, select "Preferences" then select "Voicemail Preferences". Set number of seconds before call goes to Voicemail. There are more advanced configuration options available under Enhanced Call Forwarding.


Call Waiting

The call waiting feature plays an audible tone to indicate that an incoming call is waiting. Call waiting allows you to receive a second incoming call.

How to Use Upon hearing the call waiting tone, you can press "hook" or "flash" and switch the incoming call.



HFN takes you and your family’s safety very seriously. We want you to know that when you require emergency assistance you can use your HFNVoice enabled phone to get emergency assistance quickly to the service address you provided. When you sign-up, the settings for your 911 service address are input and verified by you. For more information on E911 service conditions and related information please review the 911 sections in the HFNVoice Terms & Conditions.

How to Use When you dial 911 your call and your location information is transferred to emergency operators.


Last Call Return

Lets you automatically redial the number of the last incoming call.

How to Use Press *69 to redial the number of the last incoming call.


Message Waiting Notification

Message waiting notification notifies you that a new message has arrived in your voicemail. Some phones have a light that will light when a voicemail is waiting other phones without a light will sound a stutter tone when "off hook" when a voicemail message has been received and not cleared.

How to Use Enabled automatically.


Call Logs

You can view missed, incoming and outgoing calls.

How to Use You can view incoming, missed, and outgoing calls from the HFNVoice online control panel. Select "Call History".


Speed Dial Manager

Speed dialing lets you quickly call telephone numbers using a two-digit code. You can have up to 30 personal speed dial numbers, which you can manage from the online portal.

How to Use Login to the HFNVoice online control panel. You assign speed dials to "Contacts" in your "Phone Book". You can see what speed dials are assigned by selecting "Speed Dial List". From here you can also remove entries.


Three-Way Calling

You can initiate a conference with one or more parties.

How to Use When placing a call, dial #2 then the first number (#24254270999 for support), while on that call, hit the flash button, you will receive a dial tone, place your call, hit flash again and both calls are connected.


Enhanced Voicemail

Lets you have voicemail for any missed calls. You can access your voicemail settings using the online control panel.

How to Use Login to the HFNVoice online control panel, under the "Preferences" menu item then "Voicemail Preferences".

Voicemail to Email

Have your voicemail sent to you via email.

How to Use Login to the HFNVoice online control panel, under the "Preferences" menu item then "Voicemail Preferences". From here, you can turn on the email option, and set the email address. You can add up to 3 email addresses here.


Phone Book

Allows you to setup contacts and contact groups.

How to Use Login to the HFNVoice online control panel. Select "Phone Book". From here you can add contacts and contact groups. With these contact groups, you can assign advanced call rules using the "Enhanced Call Forwarding" feature.


Music on Hold

All callers when placed on any type of hold or wait, such as pressing "flash" to answer another inbound call, will hear music while they wait for you to return.

How to Use Enabled automatically.


Online Account & Control Panel

HFN has the most advanced online control panel system available today. You can control virtually everything online as well as view past calls, access voicemail, and access billing records. Phone configuration is easy and just a few clicks away with your HFNVoice control panel.

How to Use Go to the HFNVoice online control panel and login using your full phone number as your username and your HFNVoice account password supplied when service was setup. Most items are easy to configure.