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Reliable, Scalable and Secure Fiber Internet to Connect Your Business to the Highlands Community and the World!

Highlands Fiber Network Business Services

The Highlands Fiber Network is here to connect your business to the Highlands community and the world. Regardless of the size or kind of company, HFN has Internet service options that fit your business needs. HFN business services are faster, more reliable and more economical than other service providers. Utilizing the fiber network installed to every building in the Issaquah Highlands community, HFN supplies an Internet connection that is unmatched. Whatever your company’s Internet needs Highlands Fiber Network has the solution.

HFN Business Internet

HFN’s Business Internet services offer high-speed symmetrical access to the Internet. The access plans provide economical burstable bandwidth for low to medium volume Internet needs. HFN Business plans also offer a usable static IP address as part of each package. HFN’s Business Internet services offer much lower latency than any competitor, giving your business a superior connection. HFN’s Business options offer 4x the speed of other providers at half the price! Dedicated Internet service plans offer companies all the capacity and Internet bandwidth necessary to increase employee productivity while beating your customers’ expectations. Our customer focused support will make sure your business has what it needs.

Customized Internet Solutions

Highlands Fiber Network has a variety of Internet connectivity solutions available to suit the special needs of your business. HFN has direct fiber connectivity back to the Westin Building Exchange, a carrier-class hotel in downtown Seattle allowing for dedicated VLANs, dedicated cross connect options and other services other providers cannot offer.

HFN can design a solution to match your business needs to make sure your HFN service gives you everything you need to support your business operations. With HFN’s dedicated staff you can count on solutions that are developed and completed by experienced professionals with the expertise to implement solution to industry standards and SLAs.

Business-Class Support

HFN has a 24/7 business-class customer support team that understands what it means to deliver on a commercial service level agreement. HFN supplies highly reliable Internet services that consistently exceed 99.99% network availability, offering your business the highest performing Internet access available. Your business cannot afford to settle for anything less than the very best quality and protection when it comes to maintaining your critical business Internet operations.

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HFNVoice Pro is the business version of HFN’s unique telephone service package. It comes with the newest phone and calling features at a fraction of the cost and without all the hassle and extra charges common with other providers. Changing to HFNVoice is easy and inexpensive, your new service will give you excellent voice quality and the great local technical service and support that you have come to expect from HFN. Our packages come with many great features to meet your business needs. As a business in the Issaquah Highlands Community, you won’t need a contract and can use the service on a month-to-month basis as long as you are an HFN subscriber. HFNVoice Pro’s unique telephone service can’t be matched by any other provider.

What Makes HFNVoice Pro Different?

Business Solutions — With the Right Digital Infrastructure in Place, We Can Help Your Business to Grow and Scale in New Ways

Businesses today need low-latency, reliability and security to support their mission-critical applications and data activity. Highlands Fiber Network digital infrastructure incorporates these to give your business a solid foundation. Our services include a comprehensive list of solutions including worldwide connectivity and interconnections, custom business servers, cloud hosting, multi data center availability, IT consulting and more.


Network performance just more efficient, faster and reliable solution.

Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Computing services over the Internet or cloud provider connectivity.

Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Premier data centers with west coast and global footprint and connectivity.

End-to-End IT Consulting

From beginning to end experienced IT Support and Network Consulting.

We offer a full range of worldwide services and partner access. We provide services to locations anywhere in the world and we are able to handle any IT need you may have.

Hurricane Electric
IX Reach
Level 3
PCCW Global


Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Alibaba Cloud
IBM Cloud

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