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Each unit within the covenant properties at Issaquah Highlands must include at least one connection to the community network system. Required at closing is a $250 connection fee for this service payable to Highlands Fiber Network (HFN). This fee, like your HOA dues, goes towards paying for the infrastructure that is being built out by Highlands Council. In addition, there is a minimum required monthly periodic fee, which will be billed to you monthly after closing. The monthly periodic fee pays for completing the network build out, maintenance, and the Internet service itself. At this time the monthly periodic fee plan is made up of two components: The Network Facilities Fee of $21.95 that is collected on behalf of Highlands Council, and the Quantum 10 Internet fee of $28.05 which gives you 10 megabits of symmetrical Internet access, for a total monthly fee of $50.

To learn more about HFN and the Covenant for Community, we suggest you start by reading the Covenant. To get a copy, follow the link below. Scroll down to the Covenants, By-Laws, Budget & FAQ section. Once there you will see a section called "Covenant for Community". The section that refers to HFN is found in Section 6.4 of Covenant for Community.

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