Why Does Cloud Gaming Need Fiber Internet?

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The Need for Fiber Internet

The journey of video games from cartridges and discs to the cloud space has been a remarkable one. Gone are the days when you had to walk through the aisles of game stores looking for physical copies of your favorite video games.

Traditional gaming consoles are being replaced by online gaming consoles that gamers can access through cloud technology. You can now stream them directly from remote servers, mobile phones, PCs, and tablets just by being connected to the Internet.

But it’s not just any household Internet plan that’s going to work for cloud gaming. You need high-speed fiber Internet to get a seamless cloud gaming experience. Let’s take you through some reasons here:

Super-fast Speed

Cable and DSL services have almost lost their relevance to professional gamers because they fail to match the speed required for connecting with fellow gamers over long distances. However, gamers across the globe have found the ability to enjoy lightning-speed upload and download speed with the emergence of fiber Internet.

Unlike copper cables, fiber Internet is capable of transmitting data at 70 percent the speed of light, thereby becoming the fastest technology for video gaming. Suffice to say that fiber Internet is the future of gaming owing to its symmetrical speed (same rate of uploading and downloading) and it has created incredible opportunities for both game developers and gamers.

More Consistency

Fast connection with a gaming server is what gamers desire and that’s exactly what fiber Internet offers owing to its lower latency. Latency is essentially the average time it takes to establish a connection between a computer or gaming device and an online gaming server. Fiber Internet reduces this time for cloud gamers, making the connection incredibly fast and stable.

Since high network usage does not affect the connection, you can expect more consistency in the connection when you use fiber Internet. The measure of this consistency is called jitter. Also, the reliability of the Internet connection allows you to load heavy games without any lag and you can rest easy knowing that the cloud gaming experience would be seamless and enjoyable for you and your fellow gamers.

More Bandwidth

Last but not the least, one of the most important reasons why fiber Internet is a must for cloud gaming is the high bandwidth requirement. Bandwidth determines the amount of data you can upload and download at once. A buffer-free and smooth gaming experience is possible only when your Internet connection has a higher bandwidth, which fiber Internet does.

The best part about having fiber Internet with a higher bandwidth is that your gaming does not affect the Internet activities of other people in the household. Everyone can surf the Internet smoothly without experiencing buffers and lags. Also, Internet providers don’t have to reduce connection speeds during peak hours.

So, with a high-bandwidth fiber Internet connection, your cloud gaming experience is sure to be faster and more stable. It’s truly a boon for the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry, which is now increasingly moving to the cloud.