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As you may have noticed on Thursday, the Highlands Fiber Network experienced some disruptions in Internet service. In addition, an interruption occurred early that morning while network engineers were conducting planned maintenance. HFN wanted to share with you further details on what occurred and information on why services were impacted.

With the recent shelter in place order from the State of Washington, the utilization of HFN’s services has increased dramatically. The network has been supporting the community’s need for Internet bandwidth with little to no issue while the majority of residents work and learn from our homes. In mid-March, engineers conducted upgrades to network equipment to better scale to user demand for bandwidth, allowing for even better throughput, meeting resident’s increased usage.

Early Thursday morning, between midnight and 4 am, HFN engineers were making additional core upgrades to allow for even more bandwidth availability if demand increased as part of a scheduled maintenance window. This work was not expected to disrupt service; however, halfway through the process, engineers encountered an issue with existing equipment and were forced to make emergency upgrades to maintain services. This work caused a short disruption in the early morning hours, which was corrected within the planned maintenance window.

Following this event, HFN encountered an issue on unrelated network equipment around 9:30 am the same morning, followed by a second failure on the upgraded routers from a few hours earlier. Engineers were quickly onsite troubleshooting the issues and taking corrective action. Due to the multiple unrelated issues, complete service restoration took longer than expected, but all services were restored to full capability early Thursday afternoon.

HFN strives to maintain a reliable and fast network, and we make every attempt to minimize even maintenance disruptions. HFN technicians continue to complete service upgrades for users to Gigabit speeds and conduct onsite service visits to resident’s homes. We expect to continue this effort because we know that HFN is integral to our lives, now more than ever for work, school, and more. As a result, HFN has decided that future network maintenance windows will be changed from Thursday mornings (midnight-4am) and will now occur in the early morning on occasional Saturdays (2 am-6 am) for the foreseeable future. This should lessen the impact on busy weekday activities if an unforeseen event like Thursday were to occur again.

We appreciate your patience while we have worked through these unexpected events. If you continue to see an issue, please contact support at 425-427-0999 or by email at support@hfnservices.com. We apologize for any inconvenience these events may have caused you.

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