Internet Service

HFN’s Internet service is unparalleled for its speed, reliability, and price making Issaquah Highlands the premier “Connected Community” in the northwest. Upgrade today and take advantage of everything your community fiber network has to offer!

Issaquah Highland’s residential Internet service is the fastest of any residential neighborhood in the area.

The only true fiber-to-the-home service in the region with no boosting, no throttling, and no bandwidth caps.

Get 24-hour-a-day customer support right in your community instead of worlds away.

The HFN Fiber product line of 10, 100 or 1,000 Mbps gives Issaquah Highlands residents options to fit every need.

Add HFNVoice, HFN’s advanced phone service, and pay just one monthly bill for all your communication services.

Unlimited Bandwidth for Multiple Users at the Same Time

Our Fiber Internet Plans

Quantum 10


  • Download Connection of 10 Mbps
  • Upload Connection of 10 Mbps

HFN's Quantum 10 plan gives you both true download and upload speeds of 10 Mbps for just $50 a month! The best value for basic Internet service for both reliability and price! Quantum 10 is the minimum plan required by the community covenant.

Select Quantum 10

Quantum 100


  • Download Connection of 100 Mbps
  • Upload Connection of 100 Mbps

Upgrade to Quantum 100 plan with both a download and upload connection of 100 Mbps for just $60 a month! Faster than any service in the region for a great price! Quantum 100 is suitable for most families with general Internet usage.

Select Quantum 100

Quantum Gig


  • Download Connection of 1,000 Mbps
  • Upload Connection of 1,000 Mbps

The fastest there is today at a fantastic price—our Quantum Gig plan with both a download and upload connection up to 1,000 (Gig) Mbps for just $70 a month! This plan requires an on-site review of your home and one-time upgrade charges.

Select Quantum Gig

Our Telephone Plans

Changing to HFNVoice is easy and inexpensive; your new service will give you excellent voice quality and the great local technical service and support that you have come to expect from HFN.

Our packages come with many great features to meet both your home and business needs. As residents of the Issaquah Highlands Community, you won’t need a contract and can use the service on a month-to-month basis as long as you are an HFN subscriber. HFNVoice’s unique telephone service can’t be matched by any other provider.

HFNVoice Northwest


  • Free calls within northwest states (WA, OR, ID)
  • 3.8¢ per minute for US and Canada calls
  • Low international rates
  • Use new or existing phone number
  • No extra equipment or setup charges
  • Month to month contract — cancel at anytime
  • All standard HFN calling features

Select HFNVoice Northwest

HFNVoice Continental


  • Includes local, US and Canada calls (excludes AK and PR)
  • Low international rates
  • Use new or existing phone number
  • No extra equipment or setup charges
  • Month to month contract — cancel at anytime
  • All standard HFN calling features

Select HFNVoice Continental

Note: HFNVoice is a VoIP based service and in most cases does not support fax machines, credit card processing machines, or home security systems that require a phone line.

What Makes HFNVoice Different?

Unique Delivery

  • HFN service is delivered on a separate path, or VLAN, than your internet service.
  • Because voice traffic is separated from Internet bandwidth there is no degradation to either service even when using them to their full potential.
  • HFNVoice needs no special equipment or phones. HFNVoice was designed to use the existing HFN portal and wiring in your home.


  • HFNVoice’s quality and features can’t be matched by any other provider for the same price.
  • HFNVoice has no setup charges or long term contracts.
  • Plans and optional services are priced to fit your budget.
  • HFNVoice requires no extra purchase of equipment or on-site installations.
  • HFNService is superior to other services because of its design and integration with the community network.


  • As part of the community network a portion of every dollar spent on HFNVoice helps pay down the overall costs of the network.
  • HFNVoice is part of the core HFN product offering, not an unknown, untested, 3rd party provider.
  • Your input matters. HFNVoice services were designed with community involvement and review. Please let us know of other features you are interested in.

Community Covenant Responsibility

Each unit within the covenant properties at Issaquah Highlands must include at least one connection to the community network system. Required at closing is a $250 connection fee for this service payable to Highlands Fiber Network (HFN). This fee, like your HOA dues, goes towards paying for the infrastructure that is being built out by Highlands Council. In addition, there is a minimum required monthly periodic fee, which will be billed to you monthly after closing. The monthly periodic fee pays for completing the network build out, maintenance, and the Internet service itself. At this time the monthly periodic fee plan is made up of two components: The Network Facilities Fee of $21.95 that is collected on behalf of Highlands Council, and the Quantum 10 Internet fee of $28.05 which gives you 10 megabits of symmetrical Internet access, for a total monthly fee of $50.

To learn more about HFN and the Covenant for Community, we suggest you start by reading the Covenant. To get a copy, go to the Issaquah Highlands community website at Click on Highlands Council link under the “For Residents” tab. Scroll down to the Documents & Resources section and click the view link under “Governing Documents & Budget”. Once there you will see a section called “Covenant for Community”. Click the download link to download the most recent version in PDF format. The section that refers to HFN is found in Section 6.4 of Covenant for Community.