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The HFN Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call customer service at (425) 427-0999, or email customer service at and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Fiber Infrastructure

HFN maintains one of the largest community owned fiber networks on the west coast of the United States. The fiber plant and data centers are regularly reviewed and maintained to ensure proper operation. The fiber plant is underground and delivered to every home in Issaquah Highlands regardless if internet services are in use.

It is the responsibility of HFN to maintain and repair the fiber optic cable to the distribution panel in each residence. However, if the damage to the cable is on the portion of the cable that is on the homeowner's property, then the homeowner is responsible for promptly paying for the cost of such repair by HFN. Some examples of damage that has occurred in the past that was the resident's responsibility were failure to call for 811 locates when working in the yard and the fiber was cut, animal and rodent activity under and within the residence, and damage incurred during a home remodel.

Laser Light

The Highland Fiber Network uses laser light to transmit data. If you are required to get into the media cabinet, please be aware of the presence of laser light. If you see that the fiber is not connected and you observe the presence of laser light, close the door and contact HFN immediately. If you look directly into laser light it can cause serious eye damage.

Warning: The fiber cable is extremely fragile, please do not attempt to touch or remove this cable. Repairs for any damage to this cable will be billed to the homeowner.

Ethernet Jacks and Wiring Repair

If your home is out of warranty or your builder will not fix the issue, there are many qualified low voltage contractors in the yellow pages. Please be sure to ask if they are certified for low voltage work when dealing with ethernet cabling/wiring. HFN can recommend a local contractor to you.

Account Billing

HFN account statements are created on the first day of each month. HFN payments are not part of your HOA dues or other community payments. Your HFN statement is due upon receipt. Your monthly statements will be emailed to you or, at your option, you can view your statement online each month. There is a charge of $2 per month if you want a paper statement mailed to you.

To pay your bill, please visit the HFN website at:

Once there, you can enter your HFN account Reg. Number and associated password. You can find your Reg. Number on your billing statement in the upper right corner.

If you are still unable to view your account after entering this information, please contact customer service at (425) 427-0999.

Required Service

Within the Issaquah Highlands there are a variety of homes and building units that have certain requirements of service. A majority of the community are part of the Covenant for Community and these homes are required to take the minimum level of HFN service. Covenant homes also have the benefit of subscribing to the gigabit level of service at a lesser cost. Non-covenant homes can subscribe to HFN services but in order to subscribe to gigabit service need to join the covenant for community. Apartments are not required to take service but can still subscribe to HFN services, but require a higher setup charge for Gigabit service.

Covenant Homes

Each unit within the covenant properties at Issaquah Highlands must include at least one connection to the community network system. Required at closing is a $250 connection fee for this service payable to Highlands Fiber Network (HFN). This fee, like your HOA dues, goes towards paying for the infrastructure that is built out by the Highlands Council.

In addition, there is a minimum required monthly Periodic Fee, which will be billed to you monthly after closing. The minimum periodic fee pays for completing the network build out, maintenance, and the Internet service itself. At this time the monthly periodic fee is made up of two components: The Network Facilities Fee of $21.95 that is collected on behalf of Highlands Council, and the Quantum 10 internet fee of $28.05, which gives you 10 megabits of symmetrical internet access, for a total monthly fee of $50.

Your minimum Periodic Fee begins on the date of the closing of the purchase of your home. Billing for any additional services, such as a faster speed plan, begins the day you sign up for that service. All services are prorated to the first of the month.

To learn more about HFN and the Covenant for Community, we suggest you start by reading the Covenant. To get a copy, go to the Issaquah Highlands community website governing documents page.

You will see a section called "Covenant for Community". Click to view or download the most recent version in PDF format. The section that refers to HFN is found in Section 6.4 of Covenant for Community