HFNVoice Frequently Asked Questions

Need Assistance?

The HFN Customer Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call customer service at (425) 427-0999, or email customer service at support@hfnservices.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What are the service offerings, and pricing?

HFNVoice Continental - $24.99 /month

Includes all service features on website, toll-free calling in continental US and Canada (Excludes Alaska). Long Distance rates for other countries available online.

HFNVoice Northwest - $14.99 /month

Includes all service features on website and toll-free local calling within the Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Long Distance rates for other countries available online.

How do I check my Voicemail?

From anywhere, call your HFNVoice Telephone phone number and when the voicemail system answers press #. If you are using your HFNVoice Telephone phone, dial *98 to access your voicemail. In addition, you can login to your online control panel and check via the Internet. Here you can also configure your voicemail to be emailed to you. For more voicemail options you can view the options.

How do I change the number of rings before going to Voice Mail?

From the online control panel, select “Dashboard” then scroll down to “Call Handling”. You are then able to set the number of seconds before call goes to voicemail. There are more options available under “Call Screening.”

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This is the process of using the Internet to transmit and receive telephone calls. Unlike traditional phone service that uses a central office, telephone poles and actual wires dedicated to your home or business telephone service, VoIP runs over the Internet. VoIP utilizes your internal network and not telephone lines.

What makes HFNVoice different than other Phone providers?

HFNVoice service is delivered on a separate path, or VLAN, than your Internet service. Because voice traffic is separated from Internet bandwidth there is no degradation to either service even when using them to their full potential. HFNVoice needs no special equipment or phones. HFNVoice was designed to use the existing HFN portal in your home. HFNVoice has no setup charges or long term contracts. Plans and optional services are priced to fit your budget. HFNVoice requires no extra purchase of equipment or on-site installations. HFN service is superior to other services because of its design and integration with the community network. As part of the community network every dollar spent on HFNVoice helps pay down the overall costs of the network. HFNVoice is part of the core HFN product offering, not an unknown, untested, 3rd party provider. Your input matters. HFNVoice services were designed with community involvement and review.

How do I use the service features?

Please refer to the detailed web page that describes each service with instructions on how to use them.

Some of the features HFNVoice offers don't work for me, why?

Some of HFNVoice’s more advanced features require compatible phones in the home. Your phone equipment may not be compatible with the service in question. Check your phone manufacturer to see if the feature you want to use will work with your equipment.

Can I use my existing phones?

Yes. You can plug a standard phone directly into the WWP switch phone port that is in your media cabinet. You can also connect that port to your inside wiring and have any phone jack work with the service. If you are not comfortable installing it yourself, HFN recommends a professional on-site installation be setup to ensure no connectivity issues. This can be scheduled at the time of order or by contacting HFN Customer Support.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

In most cases you can keep your existing phone number. You will need to fill out a form to transfer your existing number to your HFNVoice service. There is a one-time $25 fee for the transfer of the number. You will be assigned a temporary number for the time it takes to get your existing number transferred. Transfer time depends on the detailed information in the form that you submit and how quickly your existing carrier completes the release of that number. Some regions in the United States have their numbers “locked” by the current phone service provider. These areas are limited but do exist and limit transfer options. If this is the case your number may not be able to be transferred to HFNVoice. Check with your current provider to determine if this is the case.

Will my phone work during a power outage?

Your service is depending on power to your World Wide Packet portal in your media cabinet. If power is off to that unit, your phone service will not work. If your home does not have power it is likely your HFN portal does not either and you would be without phone service. This will also disable 911 calling. There are battery backup units available for your HFN portal that can be purchased and installed to help reduce this issue. These units are designed for the WWP portal in your home and require a $15 setup charge and $8 rental fee per month. Please contact customer service if you are interested in this option at support@hfnservices.com.

Can I dial 911?

Yes, you can dial 911. The information that the 911 operators get is what you have given us to configure on your service. If you need to change this information, contact HFN Support. If power is out in your home, and your WWP Switch is off, the phone service will not work for 911. For more information on 911 service conditions and related information please review the 911 section in the HFNVoice Terms & Conditions.

How does 911 know where I am?

In order for your 911/E911 calls to be properly directed to emergency services, HFN must have your correct premises address. This is the address you entered at the time of order for your 911 emergency address. If you move the Service to a different address without HFN’s approval, 911/E911 calls may be directed to the wrong emergency authority, may transmit the wrong address, and/or HFNVoice (including 911/E911) may fail altogether. If you need to change this information HFN will need several business days to update your premises address in the E911 system so that your 911/E911 calls can be properly directed. Please note HFN does not provide PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) or any emergency services under any circumstances. Please refer to the HFNVoice Terms & Conditions for more details.

Does my HFNVoice service use my Internet connection?

No. Unlike other telephone service providers, our HFNVoice service is delivered to your home via the Fiber Optic network, outside of your Internet bandwidth. This means that your usage of the Internet does not affect voice quality of your call.

How much are Long Distance charges?

Each plan includes areas that are considered long distance. Consult the online rate table for specific Long Distance rates for the area you are calling.

How are calls rounded for Long Distance charges?

All calls are rounded to the nearest six second increment. This includes all US48, Canada, and Toll Free calls. International destinations are rounded in thirty-second increments, or full minute intervals depending upon that country’s policies.

What if I make a long distance call and no one answers, am I charged?

Generally, billing begins when the call is answered by the called party or an automated answering device (such as an answering machine or fax machine); it ends when one of the parties disconnects the call. However, some providers (e.g., those involved in calls to foreign countries) charge for a completed call when the called party’s line rings or after a certain number of rings. If such a provider charges HFN, its affiliates, or suppliers as if your call were answered by the called party, HFN will charge you for a completed call.

How often do International rates change?

HFNVoice international calling rates change many times a month as worldwide regulation of rates is not universal. You can see the latest updated rates and when they were last updated on the International rate page.

Do I get charged for informational calls like 411?

HFN gets charged for these calls and passes that charge to you. If you would like to use a free 411 service try Google411 toll free at 1-800-466-4411.

Can I get HFNVoice without having HFN Internet service?

No, you have to be an active HFN internet subscriber to use HFNVoice service.

Will HFNVoice work with my home's security system?

Home security systems are complex and may have problems working with a variety of alternative telephone systems. Please check with your security system provider for details on what needs to be in place when you activate HFNVoice to ensure your security system is not impacted.

How many numbers can I have for my home?

HFNVoice subscribers can have as many additional phone numbers as they desire, each at $3 a month. You can add phone numbers to your service via the online sign-up pages. However, there is a limitation on the number of lines, or separate connections, a home portal can support. Currently there is the option for two separate phone lines for each portal. If you want more than this more equipment can be added at an extra cost, however there are several limitations, please contact customer service if you are interested in this option.

I received confirmation everything is active with my HFNVoice but my phones don't work or are still on my old provider, why?

HFNVoice requires a manual change in your communications panel common in every Issaquah Highlands home. To utilize the service you must connect a phone to the HFN Portal device (WWP), or connect the device to your phone wiring in the panel. This can be as easy as plugging in a wireless phone into the “POTS” line on the WWP and leaving it in your cabinet. If you want to use your existing phone jacks it will require a connection to the phone wiring. If you are comfortable around phone wiring this is a relatively easy setup using the HFNVoice Install Guide. If you are not comfortable installing it yourself, HFN recommends a professional on-site installation be setup to ensure no connectivity issues. This can be scheduled at the time of order or by contacting HFN customer support.

I'm having problems with my calls, what do I need to know?

If you are experiencing problems with a call it is important to get the following information so that we can trace the call:

  • Time and date of the call. Please be as specific as you can as you may be receiving numerous calls at other extensions throughout the day. If possible, use the online control panel call history to find the specific call with issues.
  • The extension that was used.
  • The phone number called or the number that called you.
  • What is the issue?
    • Garbling (please beware that network traffic will affect your call)
    • Echo (please be aware that calling, or receiving a cell phone call, has echo on it)
    • Dropped call
    • Other

I'm having problems with my phones, what do I need to know?

Document the kind of problem you are having with your phone. Is it something physical with the phone, handset, buttons, or is it something with a service like voice mail or call forwarding? The more information you can provide to HFN customer support, the more rapidly we will be able to assist in resolving your problem.

Will I get a new bill for HFNVoice or will it be part of my existing HFN Internet billing?

HFNVoice billing is part of your existing HFN Internet service billing. You will see new line items for HFNVoice services on your HFN billing each month.

My billing details are not on my billing statement, where do I see the details?

Paper copies for HFNVoice service billing contain only a summary of charges. Detailed information about your calls and charges is available via the HFNVoice online control panel. You may call (425) 427-0999 for a paper copy of outbound toll call records related to your most recent bill. There may be an additional charge for these outbound toll call records except as otherwise required by applicable law.

Can I pay for HFNVoice by check or cash?

Two payment methods are available to you: Credit card or ACH (automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account).

What is the length of contract for service?

HFNVoice is a month-to-month service without a long-term contract. You can cancel anytime.

Can I see my call log in the HFNVoice portal but it doesn't have the cost of each call?

The HFNVoice portal has a listing of the calls made and received but doesn’t have the pricing information for each call. You can view a more detailed version of your call log with cost information via the HFNVoice online control panel.

What happens to my HFN account if I am late paying for HFNVoice service?

All HFN services go into suspension if a subscriber has not paid for all services in full within 30 days of the due date which is the billing date. If the subscriber is part of the Highlands covenant they will continue to be billed the HFN covenant fees. If the subscriber has HFNVoice, service will not continue to bill and will be terminated at 40 days past due. This means that if a bill is left past due for more than 40 days the phone number(s) you have associated with your HFNVoice account could be permanently lost as HFN will not continue to pay for a number on a delinquent account.

Can I go back to another provider if I don't like HFNVoice?

Yes, however, there may be delays in moving to another service provider if you wish to port your phone number. In addition, your internal wiring may have been altered if you opted for professional setup and may require your new provider to make a service call to your home to reactivate your service.